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2.7.1, the first 2.7 maintenance release, is now available.  2.7.1 fixes 68 tickets.  You can automatically upgrade from 2.7 to 2.7.1 via the Tools → Upgrade menu, or you can download the package and upgrade manually.

You may have noticed that we went much longer than usual to release this .1 update. We’re very proud of this fact because it’s a testament to the testing all of you contributed prior to the release of 2.7 which helped make it the most bug-free release we’ve had.

Consult the list of fixed tickets and the  full set of changes between 2.7 and 2.7.1 for details.

Finally partly due to the stability of the 2.7 we’ve decided to push back 2.8 a few more weeks so we can bring in a few more speed optimizations, taxonomy enhancements, and new theme features. We also need to figure out which jazz musician to name the release after.

Based on the fact they appear to have forgotten to put up a custom favicon.ico, it appears that CNN is running WordPress. Cool.

CNN is using WordPress

I see that Matt has already noted this, but it’s still cool.

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