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May 19th, 2009

free-icons1) inspired by Drunkey Love icons (142 .png icons) as were Silk Icons after as well, released in year 2005 (last update January 2006). “LED Icons” has all the icon metaphors, excluding weather and flag icons. The icons are “old school”, anti-vista styled, but not as crisp as one could wish, taking into account it’s .png and not .gif icons. But there are not too many free icons sets one can download, and historically this was one of the first ones. Even before Windows 95 appeared.
2) the famous Silk Icon set (was released in August 2005). Initially it had only 300 16-by-16 pixel icons, after a month – 200 more icons, then 700 and “complete” 1000 windows icon set after half a year. The Version 1.3 of Mark James icons became so popular, that they brought 7,300,000+ backlinks in 4 years from the date released.
3) Yusuke Kamiyamane’s last version of his Fugue Icons (1.9), contains 1,902 icons. Not all two thousand are original icons – most of them are pure variations of a single icon (with arrow, exclamation, minus, pencil, plus, blog, blue, for example), so we have up to 6-10 icon variations based on 1 original icon.
Some may ask: “How is our icon set different?” Drunkey’s, James’ and Kamiyamane’s icons have a total number of 3044, ours – exactly 500, but all original (only the most frequently requested variants are included).

LED icon set is not yet complete – if any important icons are missing, let us know – we’ll probably include.5121

2 Responses to “Free Icons”

  1. Cool! Says:

    This is a very neat and complete set of icons !
    We are considering to incorporate (some of) them in one of our products - if this is possible - without having to trackback.

    Please contact me with licensing details ?

  2. Peter Says:

    These are great looking icons. Just what I need. Unfortunately, your zip file is corrupted. I will check back to see if it has been updated.

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