“LED Icon Set” v1.0

May 19th, 2009

LED Icon Set v1.0 are designed for web designers/developers by led24.de. These .png icons make a professionally looking small icon set and are totally free in commercial and open source apps / websites.

LED Icon Set

Preview picture

What are the metaphors on which this 500+ free web icon set is based? Three icons sets should be mentioned (in order of date of release), that were important for us. To read about the history, click here.

You can do whatever you want with these icons (use on web or in desktop applications) as long as you don’t pass them off as your own and remove this readme file. A credit statement and a link back to
http://led24.de/iconset/ or http://led24.de/ would be appreciated.


.zip Format | 0.32 Mb | 16×16 .png Icons

Spread Icons
If you find these icons interesting we would like you to pass them on to other who you think might appreciate the set. The URL to share is: http://led24.de/iconset/
Important, link to this post when sharing the Icons, do not upload the .zip file anywhere else.

184 Responses to ““LED Icon Set” v1.0”

  1. Bill Says:

    as i work in government they do not really want link backs on there pages, is there another way i can give you the credit you deserve?

  2. Masaki Yuko Says:

    Thank You!

  3. Frank Bailey Says:

    Dude, thanks so much, these are awesome. Your rationale for your approach is very sensible, and your giving credit where it’s due to those who’ve come before is very gracious. Well done!

  4. Michael Martin Says:

    Great looking set of icons Alex. Nice work! :D

  5. orangeguru Says:

    Thanks for that nice set! :-D

  6. Alex Says:

    Nice set! I really needed some of these icons for a project I’m working on :)

  7. rzepak Says:

    can they be used and included in themes on themeforest, or similar places?

  8. achmad bisri Says:

    Wow :) , nice icons mate !
    I hope you will be success to get million backlinks as succesful as Silk Icon :) .

    And I will spread it too in my blog - Freshfreestuff.net :). Thanks …

  9. reum Says:


  10. Henrik Hedegaard Says:

    Could you update the PNG-preview file with a transparent background or a complete PSD-file with all icons.

  11. Christopher Vrooman Says:

    Nice icons! I noticed that the titles for “user_thief” & “user_thief_baldie” should be switched.

    How about an icon for opening up an external website? Fugue & Silk don’t have one… you could be the first!


  12. Zen Says:

    Thanks very much , I need these icons.

  13. Jack Says:

    Very nice and clean set. Love them very much. Thanks for sharing!

  14. jomy Says:


  15. JaneRadriges Says:

    Hi, gr8 post thanks for posting. Information is useful!

  16. KattyBlackyard Says:

    Hi, interest post. I’ll write you later about few questions!

  17. Junky Says:

    i am creating web templates and i wish to use your icons. is it ok to do so?

  18. WebGyver Says:

    Thank you very much! Awesome icons.

    Although not everyone might freely admit this, you can never have enough icons for your web apps.

    Great stuff. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you happiness, success, good health and the ability to turn your dreams into reality.


  19. Matthew Says:

    Thanks. These are some of the best icons I’ve seen as far as quality and variety. They will most likely become my new “default” icon set - for future projects. Much appreciated.

  20. Brillie Says:

    Hi.. Many thanks to you to share this amazing icon pack. This is very useful for me. Once again, thank you…

  21. gasyoun Says:

    Sure, just leave you email or contact me via twitter http://twitter.com/gasyoun
    @Frank Bailey
    Because nothing comes from nowhere, right
    sure you can include them in a theme, the only thing I ask for is to give credit for the icons
    @Henrik Hedegaard
    here it comes, transparent background http://led24.de/iconset/512-trans.png
    @Christopher Vrooman
    Thanks, will be switched in v1.01. What metaphor do you propose to use for the “icon for opening up an external website”?
    Sure, a link will do
    You’re welcome

  22. Vince Says:

    Outstanding. If these are used on a web page or in an application, what’s your policy on attribution or credit? A company I work for loves your icons and would like to use them. Are they allowed to be used on a web page or in an application without a link to this page or statement on the company web pages or application? Thanks.

  23. 0136 Says:

    wow!!, viry very nice!! Thanks!

  24. Christian Says:

    Thanks for the icons… It’s GOOD….

  25. Jimmy Ahyari Says:

    Nice theme.. thanks for sharing..
    From Indonesia…

  26. nevin Says:

    nice icon set. thank you mate

  27. Jesus Says:

    wow man! gracias! de verdad que estan muy bonitos

  28. CSS Menus Says:

    great collection thanks!

  29. janus Says:

    These icons look great and would like to use some of them on a site I am developing for a university. As this is for a university i don’t think i can put a A credit statement and a link back on the site. is teher any other way to credit you for you work??


  30. Brett Says:

    Just wondering. I have a need for a fire hydrant icon and water tap (outside water tap on most homes), type of icon. Any chance those can be designed?


  31. Qeremy Says:


  32. gasyoun Says:

    No, you can not use them on your website without a statement, that they are not made by me.
    You better ask, if you can give a link to this page, otherwise there would be too many exclusions.
    Can you show me the metaphors at http://www.iconfinder.net/ maybe I could help.
    Thanks, I like you like ‘em.

  33. espreson Says:

    “Led Icon Set” v1.0 is a great development. This is another big collection of free icons..

  34. Zy Says:

    Many thanks!

  35. BenDesign Says:

    wow. they are great. thank you for uploading. .)

  36. Script Says:

    nice collection good work

  37. ma7aba star Says:

    very nice

  38. pancho Says:

    gracias esta de lujo

  39. Mike Starov Says:

    Great set.

    I plan on using this set for customizing a desktop app. Linking back is not possible.

  40. Lee Says:

    Is it possible to pay for these, or to not have to put a link to the site.

    Sorry, just asking

  41. uqi_oke Says:

    where can i must upload this icon,,,
    which folder
    sorry,,i’m newbie

  42. mas Says:

    verey nice
    thank you

  43. Gustav Says:

    As ‘Lee’ says.
    I would want to pay for this iconset instead of having a link back.
    The site using the set would be behind “protected” area, so no google traffic would be lost.

  44. nice Says:

    nice icon, thank you!

  45. nikned Says:

    Thank you!!!

  46. Vincent Lowe Says:

    Big ups!

  47. chaami Says:

    It’s great. Plz add more icons to this set.

  48. Seditio Says:

    Great job! Looking for more!

  49. Hendrik Says:

    Wow, really awesome set! Thanks for sharing it and giving it out for free - it could get my favorite set (which has been “Silk” by famfamfam so far). Thanks again, you rock!

  50. GRUNGER Says:

    Big thanks! Great work! :)

  51. james Says:

    wow! thanks for sharing… awesome set!!!

  52. Simon Says:

    Really great icon collection.
    But is there any icon to underline a text?

  53. Sveta Says:

    Thanks . Good work

  54. adlur Says:

    Nice one ;)

  55. nikhil Says:

    Icons are beautiful!!

  56. Lisa Says:

    Excellent, thank you!

  57. developoer Says:


  58. Colorizate! Says:


  59. anarko Says:

    Hi. Thanks so much for this amazing pack. Would you ever consider making a collection of overlays that could be merged with these?

    I’m thinking about little symbols in one of the corners that signify actions, such as:

    Edit, Add, Remove, numbers, arrows, Save, Delete, Cancel, Accept, Warning, Info, Help Internet, Database, Search, User, …

    The “Classy” set of icons have some very nice overlays.

  60. anarko Says:

    … Oh, also:

    Lock, Settings (cog), Favorite (star), Heart, Home (house), New (asterisk), Send (letter), media controls (play, pause etc.), Print, colors, …

  61. hudz Says:

    Thank you, great job!

    p/s: Do you have led icon for page navigation? :)

  62. Alex Flueras Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing such great icons!!!

  63. Sashi Says:

    You’ re so kind to share these wonderful icons.

  64. Mix Says:

    I hope you will be success to get million backlinks as succesful as Silk Icon

  65. gomby Says:

    Thank you for this great collection. I just create the scripe png from there and i will use in the next project.

  66. Karen. Says:

    very nice icons.

    thx for the share

  67. Matt Says:

    Before finding your icon set I thought of Silk as the ultimate in small icons, but yours (and the Fugue set, via your history post) have opened my eyes to how even Silk can be improved on.

    Flattery aside, I have been trying my darndest to come up with a typewriter icon in a smooth 16×16 style. I’m still pretty unhappy with what I’ve been able to come up with, so if you were feeling up to the challenge I’d love to see what you were able to do with it.

  68. Marc Says:

    Thanks for the great icons! How much would it cost for the icons to use royalty-free on projects that I use and projects that I sell to others?

  69. Alex Flueras Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing such a nice collection.

  70. ben Says:

    Just thank you, amazing work!!

  71. F Says:

    How much does it cost if we want around
    15 custom make icons? Can you contact me through email please.

  72. admin Says:

    Sent an email with details.

  73. admin Says:

    I’ll create the typewriter icon for your needs, no problem.

  74. admin Says:

    Nice idea, will try to incorporate it.

  75. Dizakor Says:

    I shall create the site and I want to use your icons. Vozhmozhno this?

  76. admin Says:

    Yes, you can, just add a link back.

  77. joseluis Says:

    Hi! I like your icons very much, and I intend to use them for my upcoming website. But the license doesn’t especify wether is it allowed to remix the work. For example if I need to mix 2 of them into a new icon, or converting one to gray.

    Oh, and I wanted to ask you for the cost of hiring you for designing a custom favicon.

    Thank you very much.

  78. admin Says:

    Yes, you can mix and convert to gray, np. As regarding favicon services, I’ll drop you a note.

  79. Dimais.NET Says:

    Congratularions man.
    thats really a good job.
    theses icons are perfect.

  80. david Says:

    any way to get this icons in 48×48 etc. ?

  81. edo Says:

    man, your work is awesome!
    and is very hard to find a small, full and nice set

    many thx for sharing this

  82. Danny Says:

    Great! Thanks a lot!

  83. Rodrigo Says:

    This is a work of great quality! I will use some of the websites I create, and certainly you have the link back. Thank you! (Brazil)

  84. yuan Says:

    It’s very good.
    Thank you very much.

  85. admin Says:

    We did not plan to make a 48×48 version of the icons. Which ones would you need? 48×48 is something that would take months of work and people doen’t request it often.

  86. Gizmore Says:

    Hello Thanks for this good looking and _free_ icon set.
    I plan to use it and of course link to it. Nice work!

    I think i am missing a trashcan icon.
    Also some arrows would be cool, like up down left right, and a highlighted version for each arrow, (so 8 arrows in total)

    Would be very kind if you could extend the icon set by these, or maybe tell me if i did not spot one of them.

    Best Regards and Thanks!

  87. chibex Says:

    I must confess that you have saved my day.

    Thanks so much.

  88. Rahul - Web Guru Says:

    Cool icon… i’ve my copy of it… Cheers.

  89. SEO Tools Says:

    Nice icons. I have used it on one of my sites. Thankyou.

  90. Daniel Says:

    I agree with Gizmore, some arrows would be really useful, especially first, prev, next, last for web page paginators (both active and disabled versions).

    Thanks for nice icon set,
    - daniel

  91. Subbu Says:

    I tried downloading this but it says that it is not a valid zip file. I tried it on a few computers (windws 7, xp) so far but could not open the zip file. Am I missing anything? The winzip error I see is: Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive….


  92. hmu111 Says:

    It’s a good design of Icons and good for free :)

  93. Steve Says:

    Thanks for the icons! They are in the user sign-in panel. Credit link added to “Credits” page.

  94. Barry Green Says:

    Have you considered installing the db-cache plugin ? It will help your site load faster.

  95. Mahdy Says:

    Great Icons! thank you a lot!

  96. Echilon Says:

    Great set. Thanks. :)

  97. Acki Says:


    i want to use your icons in a free application. Where do I create the link? On my site, or the Program. Where should I place the readme file, in the program folder or is this file not requiered?


  98. gasyoun Says:

    We would appreciate a link on your site back to our site, http://led24.de/
    You doen’t need to place the readme file anywhere. It is just for the sake of redistributing our icons further. Also dann noch einige Fragen?!

  99. Eros Says:

    Dear Eros,
    Sure, you are free to do it.

  100. Norbert Says:

    Merci beaucoup.

  101. andy Says:

    download failed…corrupt zip ?

  102. banie Says:

    Great Collections thanks…

  103. Joshua Says:

    Some of these (almost all) are very identical to famfamfam… so the question is who did was first?

  104. Webdesign Bamberg Says:

    Nice icons, thanks!

  105. Vincent Le Pes Says:

    Hi there,

    I am working on a CSS framework I intend to distribute freely on a website I am also creating. I’d like to include a number of popular and similarly themed icons as part of this project, and it would include the icon files so people wouldn’t have to install them on their own. I would need to also change the filenames to make it work with the system I have in mind. Would this usage be alright under your license? I would, of course, include links in the readme files as well as on the download page for the project to identify you as the creator. The CC license that Fugue and Silk use allows redistribution and remixing with attribution, and the Drunkey Love icons are free all around, but I wanted to check with you to see if your licensing is similar before I include you work in my project as well. I think your icons with these other sets would offer a very robust array of choices for people so my framework would have a very consistent theme and allow people without advanced CSS skills to have an arsenal of beautiful icons at their disposal.

    Thanks :)

  106. Chris Beaman Says:

    These are awesome, thanks. It’s so gratifying that people offer free icons. Will give credit if used.

  107. GRUNGER Says:

    Big thanks! :) Great collection)

  108. oyunlar1 Says:

    Thanks for these great icons! i used them in admin panel.

  109. judy Says:

    I like your icons and they are tiny - how do I increase their size to thumbnail?

    from Judy

  110. gasyoun Says:

    Vincent, sure, you’re free to do what you have in your mind. We are fans of all kinds of frameworks ourself as well.

  111. gasyoun Says:

    The problem is - you can not increase the size. We would have to remake all the icons, which would take as 5 more months and we can not do it - we have to do some work we get paid for. This set was just for fun, but we can not make another one now, so if you need them bigger, we propose you go to http://www.fatcow.com/free-icons/ and have them in the size you would want to.

  112. Moishe Beshkin Says:

    Thanks a lot for a wonderful set.
    Will backlink to your site from my blog.

  113. Webdesign Bamberg Says:

    Hey, thanks, the icons are great.

  114. Julian Says:

    Hey, would I be able to use a few of the ‘control’ icons in a Winamp skin if I provide a link back to here in the Readme?

  115. gasyoun Says:

    Sure you can, Julian.

  116. JK Says:

    Hello, i want to download the file but when i opened after download it says the zipped folder is invalid or corrupted.

    Any solution ?

  117. Michelle Says:

    Great work! A big thank you.

  118. Allen Says:

    thanks for the free icons, very useful, i will use these for my next projects.

  119. Alex Kuzmenok Says:

    Hi, just saw this iconset and just wanted to drop a note that we are almost namesakes :D

  120. Kwach Says:

    Is it posible to get silver medal please?

  121. 4way Says:

    Super Icons. Thanks for the Work

  122. jzuya Says:

    Thank you. This is the best icons I’ve seen. This iconset is the very best for future projects. Much appreciated.

  123. Constantlm Says:

    Amazing icon set. I’m using them in an upcoming web app. Will give lots of credit and let you know when it’s up and running. :D

  124. JustMe Says:

    Dude!!! Thanks so much! You are awesome! Pure awesome!

  125. Cavila Says:

    Great set. I used some of them on my web applications sites.

  126. Dave Says:

    Having trouble opening the ZIP. Windows is saying it’s invalid.

  127. Dylan Lopez Says:

    i am a webmaster myself and i always seek information on the net on how to increase website traffice and make a good website;”`

  128. RC Says:

    Getting error message that file is corrupt

  129. Dwight Zahringer Says:

    These are a great set of icons - thanks for posting! Everyone in the office liked them as well.

  130. MetusKale Says:

    Hi there, I write to you because I would like to use some of the icons in your web in my Android application, the application will be free (if it changes I would tell
    you) and I want to know if there is any problem, of course I will add a thank you in the about part in the app, and a link to your post if you want.

  131. gasyoun Says:

    No, no problems if a link goes back.

  132. Vegan Diaries Says:

    Sending you a DM on Twitter.

  133. Eleanora Dumouchel Says:

    I really love your blog’s layout. Did you use an existing theme or did you have it custom designed?

  134. Roger Wilco Says:

    Tolles Iconset, prima!

    Auf der Website http://iconpot.com/ heißt es, dass ein Backlink/Credit etc. zwar erwünscht aber nicht notwendig ist. Hier heißt es auch, dass es “wünschenswert(appreciated)” sei.
    In den Kommentaren hier wird aber immer gesagt, dass es zwingend notwendig sei (commercial use). Welche Aussage stimmt nun?

    Backlink/Credit zwingend notwendig oder “nur” wünschenswert?

  135. goFrendiAsgard Says:

    Thank you for provide good icons,… I’ll make a link back to this site once I’ve finished my project,….

  136. BOING Says:

    Thank for nice set ! Public it on http://www.blog.kai.vn :P

  137. Chris Williams Says:

    Would I be able to discuss other methods of licensing your icons without having to retain the README file?

    Thanks in advance.

  138. Leandro Says:

    Nice, guys! The Kingdom of Heaven is yours!

  139. Patrick Says:

    Great Collection! I’m loving it …

  140. Jamie Says:

    I’m planning on using the icons for a piece of software. Just to be sure, am I ok with placing the link on my about box under credits, or would you like me to place a link on every page the icons appear on?

  141. Liviu Anghelina Says:

    Much thanks for the icons! I love them!

  142. demonkoryu Says:

    Thank you! I appreciate your generosity of supplying such a high-quality icon set for free. Thanks again!

  143. tamer Says:


  144. Nuno Says:

    My client do not really want link backs on there winform application and web site, is there another way i can use this icons? Can you sell the rigths only for use?

  145. evgeniy Says:

    Замечательная подборка.

  146. dinoo Says:

    nice variation of icon :) thanks for sharing

  147. Ant Says:

    Excellent icons, thank you

  148. Victor Says:

    Could i put the attribute on my page but in comments as it will be highly unprofessional of my to put the link back to your website for the website i am working on.

  149. gasyoun Says:

    Yes, Victor, that is ok.

  150. Adam Says:


    I created a windows application that uses one or two of your icons but unfortunately have already sent the application to the client and I did not link back to your website anywhere or include a readme. Is this ok, and can I thank you in another way?

  151. Adam Says:

    Actually, don’t worry about it. I have let the client know about the issue.

  152. Jon Says:

    thank you very much for the icons…

  153. Nuno Says:

    Hi, i want to use the icons on an winforms application.
    Can I just put the link in the About page, next with the version and so on…

    By the way, excelent icons !!

  154. Kana Says:

    Hello, I make a application for a company and I want to use your icons for it.
    They use that application only their company.
    Please give me your permission for using.

    May I ask you one more question?
    Can I remake your icons too?

    I’m looking forward to receive your good answer.
    Thank you.

  155. Hugo Says:

    Is there a version with 32×32 size icons?

  156. Stefan Says:

    Super collection. Thank You for this nice icons!
    Regards from Germany

  157. Kana Says:

    Hello again,
    Please reply not too long.
    We’ll release that system on September. That’s why…

  158. solo Says:

    thanks for these nice icons

  159. gasyoun Says:

    You can do whatever you want, if you link back to our homepage.

  160. Kana Says:

    Did you say to me,gasyoun?

  161. Ethan Says:

    Merci beaucoup !
    (Thanks a lot)

  162. Valery Says:

    Thank you very much for these nice icon pack.

  163. Munawwar Says:

    When you say ‘link back’, where should it be? I am using it on a javascript component, that may be used by others. I added the link to this site within a readme file with the download. I also added it to my site, but do others who use my work also to do the same?

  164. miyo Says:

    Can I use these icons for my company without your link?
    And should i pay for it, how much are they?
    I’m looking forward to receive your good answer.
    Thank you!

  165. PS nbie Says:

    thanks for these nice icons

  166. Minhson Ho Says:

    Question, I am going to add the about page in my webapp to contain the link to your web site. Is that enough, or I have to add the link on every where the image is being used.

  167. Peter Says:

    Very nice. I like this. Thanks!

  168. Emilio García Granda Says:

    Thanks for these icons

  169. Cilla Says:

    Thanks very much for the icons - they are really classic. I thing I may well have a use for them. If I do I will def send you a link. Many thanks!


  170. 亚水 Says:


  171. Nicholas Shanks Says:

    Your link to the Fugue icon set on the history page should be updated. He’s now at version 3, with over 3000 icons. Perhaps link to his website instead?

  172. Isis Says:

    thanks for the nice icons! really useful

  173. Alex Says:

    Amazing work !!!! keep it up mate

  174. Speed Says:

    Hi, can I pay you for the led icons set, and don’t put any link back to your site?

    Let me know, how much, and where can I pay for it?

  175. Beauty Says:

    Thanks for your VERY SWEET ICONS. (-:
    Also thanks that you allow the usage in commercial applications.
    Maybe I put a few of them into my scientific simulation application, which I created as basis for my diploma thesis.

  176. confused Says:

    Ok I am confused. The description above (on this site) says an attribute “would be appreciated”. I was linked to this from a site called “iconpot.com” and it says “do not redistribute. credit link appreciated but not required.”

    I start using these icons and then read the license that came in the zip and it says an attribute IS required. Obviously the license with the icon set is what I should go by, but why all the misleading descriptions on these sites?

  177. Elex Says:

    Thanks for this icon set, your link will be published ! :)

  178. cho jeong hwa Says:

    hi. Very nice design. thanks !!!!

  179. toporek Says:

    I love this set! THANKS!

  180. xpserkan Says:

    Just thank you, amazing work!

  181. Damian Says:

    Super nice icons :) Thanks for them.

  182. DHM Says:

    These are awesome but… your site here says linkback or attribution appreciate but not required to show them on commercial site. The license in the zip says it is required. Which is it???!!!

  183. kiran Says:

    i m using it in themeforest theme. thank you! :D

  184. Arif uddin Says:

    I start using there icons. My link will be published.Thanks for this icon set,

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